We Outsource Our IT/Have an IT Department. Why do I Need Cyber Insurance?

We have spoken to many businesses and business owners about the benefits of Cyber Insurance, here are some of the most common misconceptions relating to this kind of insurance and the reasons why Cyber Insurance is a very important way to safeguard not only your online security but also your business as a whole:

Cyber Security and the risks associated with using smartphones

We all know the ongoing risk that cybercrime is in our lives. With so many people tying their entire lives to their smartphones, that risk continues to go up as all your important information is linked together on one small device that fits in your pocket. There are many simple steps that you can take to prevent cyberattacks.

Exiting Lockdown – Is your business prepared?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on many industries. Though some businesses have managed to keep operating throughout the pandemic, many have been forced to close their doors for the duration.

Now, with quarantine restrictions relaxing and many businesses being in a position to begin to reopen, there are many considerations and precautions to be weighed up.

COVID-19 How Your Insurance is Affected

Following the announcement on Monday evening (23rd March 2020) by the government that all non-essential retail businesses with premises should close their physical doors, we believe we should draw your attention to the Unoccupied clause that will be in all Commercial Insurance policies covering operating premises.

Self Build Insurance

Simon will talk you through self-build insurance in our very first video post.

Storm Damage – Protecting your property

Here in the UK, it may feel that we don’t have the extremes of weather that some other countries around the world have. However, we do still suffer from storms, and storm damage is something that needs to be on our radar.

Ransomware – Can You Insure Against It?

Ransomware has hit the headlines in the last few months because of the colossal cyber attack known as ‘WannaCry’. Not only did the attack take down many of the crucial computer networks within the NHS, it hit companies like FedEx, Telefonica and more.

Art & Valuables: Are Your Collections Covered?

Statistics show that homeowners are spending an ever-increasing amount on art, antiques and other valuables, creating wonderful collections that act as both investments and heirlooms to pass on through the family.