What is Mid to High Net Worth Home Insurance?

As a high net worth individual, you will require the appropriate level of insurance to cover your belongings. 

As a rule of thumb, contents insurance cover of over £100,000 and buildings insurance of over £500,000 falls into the high net worth category.

Storm Damage – Protecting your property

Here in the UK, it may feel that we don’t have the extremes of weather that some other countries around the world have. However, we do still suffer from storms, and storm damage is something that needs to be on our radar.

What Makes You A High Net Worth Individual?

The phrase ‘high net worth’ often brings images to mind of lords and ladies, millionaire bankers and celebrities. But in fact, when it comes to high net worth insurance, it’s not just the super-rich who qualify.

Do You Need Legal Expenses Cover?

Home insurance is a very versatile type of cover, with a multitude of add-ons available to ensure you’re protected from a range of issues and problems. Home emergency cover, accidental damage, and even downloads insurance can all be added to home policies to provide robust protection. One home insurance add-on that many people tend to overlook is legal expenses cover. This type of cover can help ensure you’re covered if you need to go to court for any private legal reason.

What You Need To Know About Home Emergency Cover

Every household has an emergency from time to time, whether it’s a broken boiler in the dead of winter or a sudden infestation that’s putting your family at risk. Though many home insurance policies do cover leaky pipes or boiler repairs

Art & Valuables: Are Your Collections Covered?

Statistics show that homeowners are spending an ever-increasing amount on art, antiques and other valuables, creating wonderful collections that act as both investments and heirlooms to pass on through the family.

Home Insurance is still essential

Do I Really Need Home Insurance? Three Reasons Why the Answer is Yes.

Our homes, it’s often said, are our castles. They’re where we house everything that matters to us; not just our possessions, but our families and, more often than not, our most precious memories.