COVID-19 How Your Insurance is Affected

Following the announcement on Monday evening (23rd March 2020) by the government that all non-essential retail businesses with premises should close their physical doors, we believe we should draw your attention to the Unoccupied clause that will be in all Commercial Insurance policies covering operating premises. As things currently stand, Insurers will exclude cover for loss or damage to Buildings, Stock, Contents etc. should your premises be unoccupied for at least 21 consecutive days. You will need to check your policy wording as this timeframe could vary depending on who you are insured with.

We would like to think that, as matters progress, the insurance industry will respond in a more lenient way to this and other, currently difficult to comply with, policy conditions. However, as things stand today, the Unoccupied clause will apply. Please also remember it’s a policy condition that you take all reasonable steps to protect your premises.

Should you need to undertake any essential travel to your premises then it may be an idea to keep a written log of the date, time and length which will therefore evident such a visit. However, we are certainly not suggesting that government advice on essential travel should be ignored.

It is business as usual at Morpheus Insurance, the team are well, working from their homes and ready to help with any insurance queries, claims, renewals and new business enquiries.

Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your communities.

Morpheus Insurance Solutions

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